Elizabeth Duffy
Pastor Elizabeth has served as Pastor of Zion UCC since 2010. She lives in Amherst with her husband and two children. Rev. Duffy has a Masters in Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology and a Bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University with a double major in Government & Religious Studies. Feel free to email or call Pastor Elizabeth if you have any questions at all.
Susan Clark
Christian Ed Director
& Choir Director
Sue is a lifelong member of Zion UCC, with her family coming from the original church in Buffalo. She has grown up in the church and been an active member her whole life. She leads the Chancel Choir at 10:45 and she teaches and directs Sunday School at 9am. All of the kids love her and call her Mrs. Sue.
Kalee Mielke
Student Minister
Kalee Mielke is the pastoral care intern at Zion UCC. Kalee is a seminary student at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY and is pursuing her Masters of Divinity. Kalee is hopeful to begin the path to ordination. She looks forward to serving as well as learning in various pastoral roles. Kalee recently finished her chaplain residency program in the hospital and nursing home settings, and is currently a Hospice Chaplain. She is eager to build community and connection, and to be mentored by Pastor Duffy.
Ron Janiszewski
Ron is a member of the church and on the staff as church treasurer. He does everything from chaperoning youth mission trips to taking care of the church finances. 
David Ward
Praise Band
David joined the Praise band back in 2010, and he has done a spectacular job leading music at 9am ever since! David plays the guitar and sings along with his wonderful wife, Bethany.
Arrow Fitzgibbon 
Praise Band
Arrow is our pianist for the 9am service. Arrow is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing primarily on music composition and performance. Arrow has built a reputation as an accompanist and composer for dance and theater, working with UB’s dance department and several other notable organizations. Arrow plays the piano, synthesizer, organ, percussion, guitar, french horn, and more. Arrow joined us in 2015. Arrow identifies as non-binary, and uses the pronouns they/them.
Bethany Ward
Praise Band
Bethany sings in our praise band at 9am and plays the piano when Arrow is out of town. She has a beautiful voice and she’s also a high school music teacher! 
Debbie Grine
Sunday School Teacher
Debbie teaches Sunday School to our    3-4th graders. Debbie also grew up in the church and serves on our Administration Committee and our Pastoral Parish Relations Committee. 
Maria Colosimo
Sunday School Teacher
Maria teaches Sunday School to our preschool kids. She grew up in this church and helps in many ways. Maria also attends annual mission trips with the youth group and she loves working with the kids in Sunday School. 
Gaye Mehltretter
Sunday School Teacher
Gaye teaches Sunday School to our pre-confirmation class (grades 5-6). Gaye also sings in the choir and plays in the bell choir. 
Tim Schlegel
Head Usher
Tim grew up in the church, left for a while, and then came back as an adult. Now he’s an active member, and a head usher. Tim has previously served as Consistory President and serves on the New Member Team. 
Ken MacDonald
Head Usher
If you come to 10:30 worship, you’ll be greeted by Ken MacDonald. He serves as Head Usher and he has previously served as church treasurer. Ken will always be happy to greet you on Sunday morning and answer any questions you might have.
Ted Camp
Confirmation Teacher
Ted Camp teaches Confirmation Class along with his co-teacher, Troy Hengst. Ted also serves on our Board of Trustees and sings in our choir. 
Troy Hengst
Consistory President
& Confirmation Teacher
Troy Hengst serves our church as our Consistory (Board) President. Our Consistory oversees the business and spiritual aspects of the Church. Troy also sings in the Choir and teaches our Confirmation Sunday School Class along with his co-teacher, Ted Camp.  
Nathan Hengst
Nursery Staff
Nathan is one of our church teenagers who works in the nursery some Sundays. He has two younger siblings, so he is great with kids!
Allison Roberts
Nursery Staff
Allison staffs the nursery regularly during the 9am service. She is excellent with babies and young children and will keep them safe and help them have fun during the worship service. Allison is a student at the culinary institute.  
Marilyn Stewart
Community Rentals
If you’re looking to rent the fellowship hall or a classroom for a party or an event, Marilyn is the person you’ll talk to. Fill out this form and you’ll hear back from either Marilyn or the pastor. 
Sam Camp
Nursery Staff
Sam is one of our church teenagers who works in the nursery some Sundays. Sam is a senior in high school, and he enjoys keeping an eye on our youngest kids during worship.   
James Cousins
Chair of Trustees
James Cousins serves as the Chair of our Board of Trustees. The Trustees maintain our House & Grounds as well as our Endowment. James is joined in church by his wife, Dr. Sarah Handley-Cousins, a History Professor, and his four daughters.
Mark Burr
Food Pantry
Mark Burr runs our free food pantry on Monday mornings. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of food assistance, you are welcome to visit our pantry on Mondays from 10am to 12pm. 
Melanie Hachten
Melanie is a member of the church and has served as church organist for over 20 years. During the holidays you’ll also often see her adult children (also musicians) accompanying her for special musical pieces. 
Gail Sweeney
Bell Choir Director
Gail has been leading the bell choir for many years, and she’s always looking for new people to join the bell choir! Gail always says, “if you can count, you can ring.” The bell choir plays the third Sunday of every month and on holidays.
Marcel Ross
Praise Band
Marcel has been a part of the praise band ever since 2010. He sings and plays the guitar and it’s often Marcel’s voice telling us to rise and sing as we begin worship on Sunday mornings. 
Lori Juliano
Lori plays the piano to accompany the choir during their anthems. She also plays the organ when Melanie, our head organist, is unavailable.