Sunday School Information & Registration Form

The nursery is staffed during the 9am service for children under the age of 3.

3-4 Year Olds:
Ms. Ainsley Cousins is teaching our 3-4 year olds this year. They will be in the Kindergarten Room near the parking lot entrance. 

Grades K-2:

Mrs. Sue Clark will have the Kindergarten-2nd grade kids in the Primary Classroom. That is the last classroom on your right before entering the Sanctuary. 

Grades 3-4:
Mrs. Debbie Grine will have the 3-4th grade kids in the Stage Classroom. That classroom is on the stage connected to Kuck Hall (the Fellowship Hall).

Grades 5-6:
Mrs. Gaye Mehltretter will have the 5-6th grade kids in the Choir Room. That classroom is the last room on your left before entering the Sanctuary. 

All kids grades 6+ that have yet to be Confirmed are in this classroom. Mr. Ted Camp and Mr. Troy Hengst are the Confirmation teachers. This class is in Sanctuary building behind the overflow room. The first Sunday of every month during the school year, this class will help lead worship at 9am. 

When you arrive on Sunday mornings, your kids are welcome to either join you in the Sanctuary before worship begins or gather in their classrooms. Feel free to pop in to the classroom before worship begins to check in with your kid’s teacher. When it’s time to process at the beginning of the service, all the kids will gather in the overflow room with Pastor Elizabeth to enter the worship service during the first song. After the children’s moment, all the kids will be excused to Sunday School. They will first watch their lesson video all together in Kuck Hall, then they will go to their respective classrooms. 

Sunday School Forms:
If you have not already, please take a moment to quickly fill out the Sunday School form below to make sure we have the accurate information for your child(ren). 

Security Cameras:
We have new security cameras throughout the building. Our goal is to make sure that all of our kids and adults are safe while they worship and learn.